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We aim to provide a learning environment that incorporates academic goals with social preparations as an essential means of helping children to become well-adjusted, happy and secure individuals. We believe that parents are the primary advocates for their children and as such, should be an integral and essential part of the educational planning for their children.

We are an inspirational full service nursery offering you and your child the very best care. We have a large enclosed garden with a dedicated outside leader who tailors outdoor learning to your child's interests. We have an art studio where children can share creative projects with our Artist in residence. We offer a wide range of additional classes and services including Swimming, Skating, Music Mike and lots more. Our amazing staff team will ensure you are fully informed and included in your child's unique learning journey as they explore through wonder and a creative approach to learning and fun.

Teaching your child to swim and encouraging him to swim regularly can have significant benefits for both his health and safety. Especially on a hot day, swimming is a way to keep cool while encouraging a healthy level of physical and social activity.

Horse Riding offers a great workout for both the mind and the body, physically boosting the cardiovascular system and easing stresses on the mind. What stress could your child have at such a young age? Nowadays children are exposed to all kinds of pressure that need to be counteracted

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Director Joseph inspiration as a School founder.  

He is very passionate about education and an advocate for the least fortunate in the society. Appointed by former Safaricom CEO, Michael Joseph to service as committee member of Usamaria Sponsorship Fund in the CEO’s office, working under Safaricom Foundation. Mr. Kibwott was given a role of assisting the most unfortunate in the society and its subjects across the country who could not afford basic education in government schools for a period of ten years between April 2005 – to November 2015.

Through the ten year period Mr. Kibwott had desired experience to continue supporting basic education beyond Safaricom Foundation Education Committee. Since he was deeply inspired with the enormous support our modern society lacked and needed in education; where the brilliant child could not afford decent education and related facilities. Mr. Kibwott thought investing into small education centre like what Nobel Prize winner Professor Maathai talked of little bird helping out to stop a forest fire to conserve the environment for future generation. Mr. Kibwott thought of offering high value education accessed by the rich children in Westland’s, Karen, Lavington, e.t.c at a 10% cost of the high cost schools to be extended in Utawala-Embakasi through St. Bakhita Elite School. He says, “ it makes me feel obliged by Almighty God to continue seeing the success of young talents nurtured through the work of my hand, God uses me as a vessel for these children.