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Indoor and outdoor games and activities will challenge and develop your child's creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.

Why not decide to get involved in Pray Day? And whatever else you do or don’t do, please do pray for our schools and all those involved with them. What goes on in school affects millions of young people directly and has a huge effect on our nation, so let’s make sure we hold our schools before God.

The transition from preschool to grade 1 marks a very important step in a child’s life. It is only appropriate to celebrate this moment with an event that will be as memorable as the rest of the year was.


We are delighted that the children will have an opportunity to learn outside the classroom in a fun stimulating environment. The trips provide children with inspiration and experiences that will stay with them for life.

Trips are optional at a given fee of ksh2,000 and parents are requested to sign in a consent form that will be shared by the admin. The following are places of visit and dates which are subject to change.


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Dates to Remember

1. 20th October - Mashujaa Day

2.                – Academic trip for pupils

3.                 – Midterm break

The dates are subject to change with notice.

4.                    – Sports (Outdoor)  Day

5.                     – Closing Day

     6.                     – Sports (Indoor) Day

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Cocktail Party


We recently had a Cocktail party which was attended by parents and teaching staff of St.Bakhita Elite School Utawala that was held at the Fahari Garden Hotel Utawala.